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TNS Essential Serum.. it’s ESSENTIAL!

Posted December 14, 2017 in Skincare

SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum should be EVERY month’s “Product of the Month.” Why? Because, if you ask me- fine lines, wrinkles, and brown spots don’t look any better in July than they do in January. We stop producing collagen and elastin in our mid-20’s, and from there, we start losing that collagen and elastin. It’s a depressing downward spiral when you think about it… but it’s a process we are not only able to pause, but can actually reverse!

Collagen is the protein that is abundant in our skin when we are very young- think of a brand new pillow-top mattress. As we age, that mattress begins to thin out; a slight dip begins to form in the middle, springs pop out here and there… you get the analogy.
Elastin is what gives our skin that “SNAP.” With loss of elastin over time, and gravity thrown into the equation, our skin just doesn’t bounce back as it once did. Another great analogy- a brand new hair elastic. For the first several uses, the elastic is totally intact, no loss of integrity to the stretch and elasticity. Then, slowly over time, that hair rubber band has lost it’s “snap.” You can see what I’m getting at…
Well, how do we get our skin to go in reverse and start producing collagen and elastin again?? There are many ways, including several in-office treatments which are all very important in order to give optimal results! The one that many people don’t give nearly enough credit is at-home medical-grade corrective products. It is so very important to make your skin start ACTING younger around the clock. In-office treatments are great- and essential- but in order to achieve maximum results, corrective product at home is SO important!

The Gist

Which brings me back to the whole “TNS Essential Serum” thing… Basically, collagen and elastin producing “messenger cells” were taken from a human tissue sample- also called Growth Factors. These Growth Factors are cloned over and over for the purpose of being applied topically to cause your skin to start making it’s own collagen and elastin again! Simple, right? Accompanying these little “messengers of gold” in a bottle are peptides, hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, Matrix proteins, Antioxidants, and lots of other age-reversing ingredients. TNS Essential Serum is like 5 anti-aging products in one bottle, which also reduces the time you spend on your AM and PM skin regimen by about half! TNS Essential Serum doesn’t just diminish lines and wrinkles, either. Whether we’re talking enlarged pores, textural lines, dullness, hyperpigmentation- this twice/day serum addresses them all.

To sum things up: In my professional opinion, SkinMedica’s TNS Essential Serum is the best thing since sliced bread. Actually, it’s way better since TNS Essential Serum doesn’t contain any carbs.

By: Ragan Riley L.M.A.

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