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Varicose Vein Prices

The price for treating varicose and spider veins can vary greatly depending on the vein center or vein surgeon you consult with for venous procedures. We have had patients who have been quoted $10,000.00 in out of pocket payments to treat their veins at other clinics. If you have insurance we will submit our clinical and ultrasound finding for authorization to treat the veins, provided they are within the clinical and ultrasound criteria specified by the insurance company authorization is granted. We participate with almost all insurance companies and work closely with them to maximize your benefits for treatment. We take care of all the authorizations and claim submission and provide you with a detailed pricing analysis based on your treatment plan. Each insurance plan is different and our office will be able to tell you how much deductible, copay or coinsurance you will owe for each procedure. In some cases, the patient is only responsible for a copayment of $25 to $50 depending on their insurance plan.

For those patients who do not have insurance and wish to have their veins treated we will give you a detailed fee schedule based on your treatment plan. Each patient is different and custom-tailored pricing must be done because there are a number of different scenarios that can be encountered. Prices are based on how many veins need to be treated and whether phlebectomy with injections under ultrasound guidance need to be performed in addition to the vein closure. Our office has many payments plan options and can assist the patient in applying for Care-Credit. Care Credit is a low-interest credit card for medical expenses and can be interest free for several months depending on your application.

Treatment for spider veins called sclerotherapy is cosmetic and is not covered by insurance companies. We perform sclerotherapy in our office and it performed by our experienced registered nurse and our physician assistant. Both our RN and PA have been specially trained in the treatment of vein disease and spider vein sclerotherapy injection. Each sclerotherapy session is 45 minutes and is performed in our beautiful new relaxing med spa. The cost of sclerotherapy varies greatly among the different facilities performing the treatment. Our sessions are priced at $300 for the first 2 treatments and $200 for the remaining sessions Sclerotherapy is a fading process and takes multiple treatments to achieve your goal of spider vein-free legs. Each patient is different and you can ask the provider to give you an estimated amount of visits you will require. Also, check our monthly specials we frequently have deals on sclerotherapy packages.

The typical patient has one or two damaged veins with associated large bulging varicose veins and/ or spider veins that require treatment. The price for one vein ablation( vein closure) is $1500 and for one vein ablation and one phlebectomy, (removal of the large bulging veins), the price ranges from $2250 to $3000. If two vein ablations are needed with a phlebectomy on one leg the price ranges from $3000-$4000. These are approximate prices and the patient will need a venous duplex ultrasound to determine which veins are damaged and need treatment. The vein ultrasound is performed with measurements of the size of the vein and the amount of reflux in the veins of the deep and superficial system. The veins are mapped out and the precise location of the damage is ascertained to properly strategize and effectively treat the vein.

Ultrasounds are performed in our office by our vein specialist, Frances Flanagan, Registered Vascular Technologist (RVT). The ultrasounds are done in a relaxed environment and usually take 30 to 45 minutes complete. Your ultrasound results will be reviewed by Dr. Mountcastle on the day of your visit and he will meet with you to discuss your individual treatment options. The cost of an ultrasound for one leg is $175 and for both legs is $250

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