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Five reasons why NOW is the time to come in for a SmartLipo consultation

Posted February 01, 2018 in Smartlipo

With spring approaching fast, many of us unknowingly wait until the last minute to start exercising, eating right, or fad dieting to attempt to lose those unwanted winter pounds and get our summer body ready for vacation. We find ourselves on the brink of summer with several of our goals unachieved. We are here to tell you why NOW is the best time to come in and kick start that summer body you have always wanted. Speaking of eating healthy, this year it seems that many people are participating in the Whole30 January reset program. If you are not familiar with Whole30, it is a short-term paleo-focused reset program that relies on cutting out dairy, sugar, grains, legumes, and alcohol to change your eating habits and create a healthier lifestyle.

If you jumped on the January reset challenge bandwagon or if you have been thinking about laser liposuction for a while, then this is the perfect time for you to come in for a Body Contouring Consultation at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery. Here are five major reasons why it is so important to get ahead before the start of summer:

1. The results from laser liposuction are not immediate.

Many people believe that Smart Liposuction is a “one and done” procedure with immediate results when you leave the office. However, this is not the case. Many patients actually leave the office feeling heavier and bloated than before their procedure. Why is this? Considering you are awake during the procedure, it is necessary to inject enough sterile numbing solution so you are comfortable and pain-free throughout the procedure. Not all of the numbing solution will absorb in your body, and this fluid will continue to drain from the very small incision sites (2mm) for 24-48 hours following the procedure. After the draining and swelling have diminished, you will start to see some more immediate results which will increase with each month that passes. Full and final results are achieved approximately six months post-surgery. This is why this is the most important reason to come to the office now so you are ready to look your very best by summer.

2. Healing time may vary from patient to patient.

While most people are completely healed within two weeks, sometimes bruising and swelling can take a little longer to completely diminish. If you wait until it is bikini season to have the procedure done, you may be hesitant to show off your newly sculpted body due to the swelling and bruising. Furthermore, compression garments are to be worn for four weeks to improve your overall results, as well. Several other factors go into healing time such as age, amount of adipose tissue (fat) to be removed, and your exercise and eating habits. If you are concerned about healing or have had trouble healing from other procedures in the past, it is best to address these concerns at your consultation.

3. Motivation to continue a healthy lifestyle is key to lasting results

For those of you that did the Whole30 reset challenge or just wanted to start 2018 off healthy and happy, seeking out help with those pesky problem areas early in the year is the perfect way to stay committed to your new and healthy lifestyle. If you already have a head start and you decide to proceed with the commitment of laser liposuction, the likelihood of continuing to follow a healthy regimen is much higher than if you choose to rely on self-control. Let’s be honest- how many diets have you started and stopped just because there was nothing truly motivating you to continue? Seriously committing to a procedure like laser liposuction allows for you to set goals, gives you the motivation to stay with those goals, and continue on a great path forward to your fitness and lifestyle goals.

4. This procedure is conveniently performed in the office.

Liposuction used to be considered a major surgery that was performed in the hospital AND under general anesthesia. The great thing about the SmartLipo Laser Liposuction is that it is done right in the office, under local anesthesia in our surgical suite. This does mean you are awake but completely numb in the areas in which Dr. Mountcastle is working and prescribed a light sedative to make you comfortable and ease your stress. The entire procedure takes about three hours from start to finish. After the procedure, you can get up and walk out of our office with only moderate discomfort.

5. SmartLipo is safe and effective!

SmartLipo is one of the safest alternatives to traditional liposuction available. Not only is it minimally invasive, but it is also effective! The procedure uses laser energy to melt away fat and suction to remove it. The laser also improves skin tightening to achieve smoother, flatter areas. The compression garments after the procedure also help obtain the smoother, flatter areas. Check out some great reviews listed below from patients that have received the SmartLipo procedure in our office with Dr. Mountcastle! Also, be sure to check out our before and after photos here.

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