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Combination Treatments

Posted May 08, 2018 in Chemical Peels, Facial Rejuvenation, Skincare

Treating specific skin concerns and conditions is something that we do best, here at Mountcastle MedSpa and Laser Center. We don’t offer certain treatments because they are “trendy” or “popular.” The corrective treatments we perform are chosen based on clinical studies and trials and are proven to show results. That being said, is sticking to just one corrective treatment to improve your skin concerns the best plan of attack? Or is it better to include a few different modalities to see the best results? Here’s a great analogy to start to answer this question: If you were training for a triathlon, would you only include swimming in your training? Sure, you’re going to do great in the swimming portion of the race, but chances are you won’t be passing many other contestants in the cycling or running portions… The same thing goes for your skin!

We offer complimentary skin consultations, here at Mountcastle MedSpa, and we see so many patients that wish to improve many different aspects of their skin. We will discuss some of the different skin concerns that patients have, the treatment plan that would be suggested, and why we chose that treatment plan.

A common concern that patients have is Melasma. Also known as “pregnancy mask,” Melasma is brought on by hormonal fluctuations in the body caused by internal or external factors. There are several things that trigger Melasma, causing the pigment to become darker and more visible. There are laser treatments that can correct pigmentation caused by the sun, however, these lasers are not typically suggested for patients with hormonal pigmentation. The heat from the lasers can cause what is called the “rebound effect,” and can actually cause it to darken. Typically, a series of 3-6 chemical peels are the best plan of action. These will help to not only slough off darkened surface cells but also use a combination of natural ingredients to fade and suppress pigment. Using SkinMedica’s Lytera 2.0 twice/day at home is crucial to be able to see full results. This suppresses pigmentation and prevents the pigment from getting darker.

In-office treatments alone aren’t going to show full potential results, however! Let’s say you wanted to turn over a new leaf, lose 15lbs, and get into better physical shape. Would you hire a personal trainer four days a week, but continue to eat junk food regularly and not change your eating habits at all? Of course not! Why spend your time and money on a personal trainer and not develop healthier eating habits, as well? The same thing goes for your skin. A patient who is diligently using at-home medical-grade corrective skincare and a broad spectrum SPF along with their cleanser and moisturizer will not only see a greater improvement from their treatment but will have longer-lasting results as well.

Another great example is the use of injectables. Botox and injectable fillers are great target treatments for lines and wrinkles and loss of volume, but lines and wrinkles aren’t the only things that show signs of aging in our skin. Let’s say there’s a patient who only ever receives Botox and filler as their anti-aging treatments, and maybe they cleanse their skin and use a moisturizer at home. Sure, they have little to no wrinkles, but how does their SKIN look? Most likely it looks older than the age they really are. The general health of our skin, brightness, tone, and texture are so important to treat as well to stay looking fresh and young.

So, what have we learned today? We have to exercise our skin! Maintenance and corrective skincare should be part of everybody’s corrective treatment plan. It is important to prioritize your concerns, that way we can devise a treatment plan together that includes corrective in-office treatments as well as corrective skin care to anti-age your skin around the clock. We provide complimentary consultations, call us today at 571-266-1776 to create a plan that is tailored to you!

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