Nov 26 2014

What Causes Pilonidal Cysts?

Blog Title: What Causes Pilonidal Cysts     If you’re someone whose job or lifestyle includes long periods of sitting, you may find yourself dealing with the pain and discomfort of pilonidal cysts. These pimple-like elements occur when a hair works its way into the skin and becomes embedded. The result can become an inflamed area under and around the surface that has the potential to cause pain and to become infected. These abnormal pockets of skin are often located near the tailbone, directly above the cleft in the buttocks. They are created as a result of friction and pressure created by skin against skin. Other potential causes of this painful situation can include tight clothing, bicycling, and sitting in the same position for extended periods of time. What Causes It? Most medical practitioners believe that pilonidal cysts are caused by the embedment of coarse hair under the surface of the skin. Others hypothesize that the cysts could be

Oct 29 2014

Allergan Masterclass with Dr. Mauricio De Maio

Amy Herrmann, our Chief Aesthetic Nurse, attended an Allergan Masterclass on Monday evening to further her skills and knowledge on injecting techniques.

Oct 03 2014

First Impression Friday

Guest blogger, Cathleen, is back and with another review for the Osmosis line. Learn a bit more about the toners that are available and discover its uses!

Sep 19 2014

First Impression Friday

Our very 1st First Impression Friday! Guest blogger, Cathleen, has tested out a few products from our new skincare line, Osmosis, and is here to share her thoughts on them!

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