Mar 24 2013

Botox vs Dysport Northern Virginia

Botox vs Dysport. Northern Virginias premier medi spa discusses the differences between the two medicines and asks for your input and discussion points.

Mar 08 2013

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Feb 25 2013

Is it okay to work out after breast augmentation?

   Is it okay to work out after breast augmentation?   The prospect of not exercising for a period of time after breast surgery can be frustrating to the patient who has a regular routine, an active lifestyle, or may even be a competitive athlete, such as a professional golfer, dancer or body builder.   Have this conversation about post-operative activity level BEFORE your surgery.   In your consultation, we will ask you what your current activity level is, and what your expectations are after surgery. Convey any questions you have. You and your surgeon should be on the same page from the start. Understand that if you can’t give your body at least six weeks to recover, then perhaps you should reconsider the surgery at this time.   Common sense says: Listen to your body, not your expectations. You need time to heal, and to protect the best results on your investment for better wellbeing and health.  

Feb 25 2013

Men Get Varicose Veins too

Men Get Varicose Veins, Too When you think of varicose veins…how many of you think “men?” Varicose veins are veins, primarily in the legs, that have become enlarged. The valves that help blood return to the heart no longer work properly, allowing blood to flow backwards and pool.  Bluish veins begin to bulge under the surface of the skin. They can be painful due to swelling.  The legs may feel heavy. Skin may thicken and ulcers or bleeding may develop after Varicose veins have been present for years. Men get varicose veins in the legs, too; and not just older men. For athletes, some sports and exercise routines may cause varicose veins over time. For those in high technology jobs, long bouts of sitting at a computer may do the same. Think of the jobs that require long periods of time standing: teachers, cashiers, bank tellers, chefs, construction workers, toll booth operators, postal workers. The veins in your legs need a break. Diet may

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