Apr 20 2015

5 Keys to Choosing the Right Surgeon for Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is the number one cosmetic surgery today. Its popularity can, in part, attest to the number of issues addressed through the surgery. Depending on the individual, these can include choosing a breast augmentation for the purposes of enhancement, reconstruction or repairing a physical defect. Because of the sheer number of doctors performing breast augmentation procedures, it’s important to make sure the plastic surgeon you choose meets a number of important qualifications. This can help assure that not only is the elective surgery performed safety but it also achieves the desired results.

Apr 10 2015

Injectable Drugs for Fat Reduction

Eating well, regular exercise and a regime of good sleep can go a long way in creating a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, even the most diligent can find that those things alone are not always enough to create the body that they are looking for. When this occurs, one option to consider is body contouring. This can be an easy way to change the shape of the body, its proportions and curvatures all with a minimum of trauma to the body and little downtime.

Mar 18 2015

Revising Breast Augmentation with Implants or Fat Grafts

Unlike a warranty on a car or major appliance there’s typically no limit as to how long breast implants will remain trouble-free. For some, implants will last up to 10 to 15 years, but often shifts within the body or lifestyle changes will trigger the desire for change long before there’s trouble with the implant.

Over time, the skin of the breasts experience changes in elasticity as a result of skin stretching through weight loss or weight gain, causing shifts in the position of the implants.

Mar 11 2015

Complex Solutions for Recurrent Vein Problems

The presence of some things in life can be explained while others we can only venture a guess. When it comes to spider veins, the cause remains a mystery. Spider veins are the thin red or blue lines that commonly appear on the legs, feet and also on the face. Typically harmless, the veins can cause an aching, burning or itchy sensation when an individual spends too much time sitting or standing.

For most, the choice to remove spider veins is primarily based on aesthetics. Currently there are two treatment methods approved for spider vein treatment: sclerotherapy and VeinGogh.

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