Dec 23 2014

Refresh and Rejuvenate Your Skin

Our guest blogger, Cathleen, returns with a new review of another Osmosis product. This time, the Vitamin A serums that are up for discussion. Learn more about the unique properties of Vitamin A that work to refresh and rejuvenate your skin and slow down the aging process.

Dec 16 2014

How do I Know if Smartlipo is Right for Me?

Sit-ups, crunches, leg lifts, Pilates … name the exercise and you’ve probably tried it in an attempt to eliminate and tighten up the trouble areas. If you’re someone who regularly exercises and watches what they eat, it can be incredibly frustrating to find that no amount of hard work can dissolve the areas that you most want to reduce. Depending on where you carry your extra weight, you may find unwanted fat accumulation in the arms, back, stomach, legs, face or neck. And when it comes to places like the neck, no amount of diet and exercise can tighten up the area or provide a lift, but there is a solution.

Dec 12 2014

What is a lipoma and should I be concerned?

Any time that an unexpected lump or bump shows up on your body it’s worthwhile to do a little research in regard to what might be the cause. One potential reason for a lump could be a lipoma. This is a benign (non-cancerous) fatty tissue growth. The capsule of fat cells that makes up a lipoma is typically found sandwiched between the skin and a layer of muscle below. A lipoma is the most common form of non-cancerous soft tissue growth in the body.

Nov 26 2014

How do I know if Botox is Right for Me?

It’s hard to watch a Housewives marathon without thinking about cosmetic surgery and Botox® Cosmetic, but those are obviously extreme examples. For most consumers, Botox® Cosmetic treatments can be a great way to subtly turn back the clock without undergoing a cosmetic surgery procedure.   What is Botox® Cosmetic? Botox® Cosmetic helps accommodate for the natural loss of elasticity that occurs from frowning, smiling or furrowing the brow. The injectable has the ability to weaken or paralyze the muscles or block the surrounding nerves near the spot of the injection. As a result, nerves in the treated area cannot release acetylcholine, a chemical that enables muscles to contract.   The amount of toxin that’s used in Botox® Cosmetic is quite minute, and Botox® Cosmetic has been safely used by medical practitioners for twenty-five years. The Botox® Cosme

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