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How Much Does a Single Lipoma Surgery Usually Cost?

Posted June 29, 2016 in Dermatology

lipoma before and after VA

“The costs depend on whether you go through insurance or not. The contracted rates through insurance vary on size and location but typically for lipomas located on the body run around 400-500 for a mass less than 5 cm around 750-1000 for over 5cm.

On the face, the cutoff is 2cm (less than 2cm around 500) and over 2cm around 750-1000. 2.54cm to the inch.

For multiple lipomas, each subsequent lipoma pays half of the original lipoma removal. For example, if you have five 2cm lipomas of the arm it would be 500+250 +250 +250 +250 = 1500.  Now of course how much the patient pays varies greatly with insurances as some have high deductibles and may pay all and some have 80/20 plans and some may only be responsible for their copay.

I typically do not recommend liposuction for lipoma removals because I see too many people who have had that approach have recurrences because when you take these out you must get the entire lipoma and liposuction breaks these into pieces.”

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