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Collagen, Collagen Where Have You Gone!!!

Posted December 22, 2016 in Chemical Peels, Clear + Brillant, Facial Rejuvenation, IPL Photo Rejuvenation

Every day I get many questions from my dear patients about collagen, what happened to my plump, smooth, youthful skin?

Let’s start by explaining what collagen is. Collagen is a structural protein and is a principal component in skin, cartilage, and connective tissue. It’s responsible for keeping skin firm, plump, smooth and young-looking. After the age of 20, our natural production of collagen reduces by one percent each year. Oh no! This is not good…Therefore, I would like to share with you some tips that will help us to promote collagen. Remember…aging is a part of our life, but we can age gracefully!

Beauty begins on the inside
The old saying “beauty begins on the inside” – like most old sayings – is grounded in some truths. A body that takes in clean healthy food as part of a well-balanced nutritionally sound diet tends to be healthy on the inside—and that often translates to beautiful healthy skin. There are certain foods that are reported to stimulate collagen production and incorporating some of them into your diet could be pretty simple. Besides, the payoff—firmer younger-looking skin—could be all the motivation you need to start a healthy lifestyle.

Here is a list of the most scientifically proven foods that will stimulate and boost collagen production. These foods were listed in several dermatology studies about collagen.

  • Red vegetables—like tomatoes, peppers, and beets contain the antioxidant lycopene which acts as a natural sunblock and increases collagen production.
  • Dark leafy green vegetables—like kale and spinach, are rich in vitamin C, a powerful antioxidant that protects collagen.
  • Orange vegetables—like carrots and sweet potatoes are rich in vitamin A, which restores and regenerates damaged collagen.
  • Citrus fruits—are high in amino acids, lysine and proline, which convert to collagen.
  • Garlic—is sulfur food and is necessary for the production of collagen. It also contains lipoic acid and taurine that help rebuild collagen.
  • White tea—has been found to protect skin proteins, specifically collagen.

Exfoliate to Activate
Exfoliation helps kick start collagen production because creating mild irritation to your skin triggers a healing response. Part of that response is fibroblast cells that begin to synthesize collagen fibers. Exfoliation also increases cell turnover in your skin, which slows with aging. If you help remove the dead cells, you make it easier for newer cells to come to the surface. It is important to keep in mind that exfoliation should not be aggressive exfoliation. Many of us have the tendency to exfoliate our skin by using rough sponges or harsh products that instead of helping our skin we are actually aging it by creating inflammation which in turn can lead to premature aging.

Visit your aesthetician and get some treatments
The first thing your aesthetician will do is to analyze your skin and they will recommend some pharmaceutical skincare products that will improve your skin texture and will stimulate collagen production! Yeah!!

After the age of 25, I recommend using Retin-A (a vitamin A derivative that uses the generic name tretinoin.) Vitamin A has been used for more than 30 years with a safe track record and excellent results. Over time tretinoin improves fine lines, the appearance of pores, and brown spots. Growth factors and peptides are also wonderful for collagen stimulation.

Facials, Chemical Peels, Skin Pen, and my favorite; lasers, can change your skin dramatically to the point that you won’t stop looking at your beautiful healthy, glowing skin!!

  • IPL – Intense Pulse Light – Use for the treatment of sun damage spots and broken capillaries or facial veins
  • Clear + Brilliant Laser – Use for improvement of fines lines, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture, stimulation of collagen/elastin
  • Skin Pen – Use for improvement of acne scars, fine lines, enlarged pores, stimulation of collagen/elastin
  • Chemical Peel – Great procedure that will help to remove some dead skin cells, in a few days post chemical peel your skin will look amazing, I like chemical peels because it allows your products to penetrate the skin deeper.

New Year, New Resolutions, and a New You! Schedule an appointment with our skin experts Maria and Ragan, we can help you to fall in love with your skin again!  Call at 703-539-5272.

By: Maria Foster 
Master Aesthetician LMA, LT; Mountcastle Medical Spa  

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