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Breast Augmentation Financing

Do you desire a more curvaceous figure? Perhaps you feel discouraged by breasts that have begun to sag with age, or maybe you feel self-conscious about uneven or misshapen breasts. As much as you want to undergo a breast augmentation, you may be concerned that you will not be able to afford the cost of this procedure. Insurance does not cover breast augmentation, and you may not have the immediate funds to cover the expense.

At Mountcastle Plastic Surgery, we believe financial constraints shouldn’t bar you from enjoying the benefits of a fuller, more womanly figure, and feeling sexier and more self-confident. To make these benefits possible for more women, we offer breast augmentation financing options to our Northern Virginia patients. With flexible payment schedules and a variety of payment options available, you may find that breast augmentation is more affordable than you think. Schedule a consultation at our practice today to learn more.


When you undergo a procedure at our office, you can pay with cash or check. However, we know that you may not have the funds on-hand to pay for the full procedure. We offer flexible payment plans through CareCredit™ that allow you to pay for your surgery in monthly installments with some interest, much like a loan you might take out from a bank or other lending agency. With breast augmentation financing through CareCredit™, you can work the cost of your surgery into your budget, settling on a comfortable monthly payment that is right for you.

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At Mountcastle Plastic Surgery, we accept all major credit cards. However, some of our patients are hesitant to spend part of their credit line with a surgical procedure. If you share this worry, you may want to consider a medical credit card. These cards are a recent development in the financial and healthcare industry and provide an excellent option for women seeking breast augmentation or similar procedures that are not covered by insurance. You must have a good credit rating to qualify, and the payment schedule works much like any other credit card. If you choose this payment option, be sure to do your research and find a reputable card with a decent fixed interest rate. Some cards even offer 0% interest or negligible wait time, allowing you to put money down on your breast augmentation even sooner.


At our clinic, we tailor every procedure to fit your unique needs, and this includes your budget. To find out more about our financing options, and which one might be right for you, contact Mountcastle Plastic Surgery today. Together, we can discuss payment methods and find one that allows you to achieve the figure of your dreams without being overwhelmed by budget concerns.

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