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Facials – Greater Washington D.C. Area

Average Cost: $125 – $250

Facials are performed to provide the face a thorough and deep cleansing, removing toxins and surface-level damage for a glowing complexion.

Facials Overview

Ashburn, VA cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mountcastle, offers custom facials as part of his skin rejuvenation treatments.

Using the high-grade skincare products and performed under the hands of a talented and trained aesthetician, a custom facial can address a number of skin irregularities. Performed in a tranquil, relaxing setting, each facial is customized for the patient, based on their specific needs. Our facials include gentle exfoliation, custom masques, special serums, and a thorough massage, in addition to the latest tools and techniques to create a polished, glowing look. We invite you to call our office to learn more and schedule your custom facial today.

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Mountcastle Plastic Surgery

Our new, state-of-the-art facility includes private consultation rooms, an operating room, monitored recovery areas, vein clinic and a medical spa.  Text us at (508)-960-7152

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Facial Options

  • Calming Facial – Perfect for sensitive and rosacea-prone skin, this facial infuses calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients to soothe and nourish the skin
  • Four Seasons Facial – Essential for any season, this facial is customized to your skin’s conditions and will replenish and repair damaged skin back to health
  • Deep Cleanse Acne Facial – Recommended for oily and acne skin. Includes extractions, healing anti-bacterial masque, calming botanical serums and reduce inflammation and aid in your skin’s healing process
  • The Gentleman’s Facial – Cleanses and tones the face, leaving your skin refreshed, revitalized and feeling its best
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