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Butt Lift

Butt Lift – Surgical Butt Reshaping in Northern Virginia

Average Cost: $10,500 – $15,000

A butt lift will secure the butt into a boosted position when the excess skin is surgically removed and then lifted for a tighter appearance.

Butt Lift Overview

Aging skin, post-baby body or weight loss can leave the butt sagging with loose skin and wrinkles. A butt lift, performed by our talented and board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Timothy Mountcastle, removes excess skin and the surrounding tissue is then lifted and secured to create a higher, tighter look.

Another procedure that is often mistaken for a customary butt lift, is the Brazilian butt lift (which does not “lift” the butt). Instead, our talented cosmetic surgeon enhances the shape using a fat transfer that is harvested from another area of the body. Both procedures can be discussed during the primary consultation in the Ashburn or Reston plastic surgery office.

Butt Lift Before and After*

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Surgical Technique

During a traditional butt lift procedure, incisions will be made under the butt cheeks along the natural fold where the butt meets the upper thighs. Any hanging, loose skin will be trimmed away and the remaining skin and underlying tissue will be pulled tight to a new position. The incisions are closed with sutures. Once the incisions heal, the scars left behind will be somewhat inconspicuous because of where they reside. It is important to note that liposuction is sometimes a part of this procedure if excess fat is also a concern.

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During/After Surgery

Butt lift surgery is an outpatient procedure that is performed under general anesthesia at an accredited surgical facility. The entire surgery typically takes about 2 hours to complete. Swelling and bruising will be evident for the first several months, but once this subsides patients are usually able to see the surgical results. It could take from 6 months up to a full year for the final results to take shape.

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Butt Lift FAQs

Do I need a butt lift or liposuction?

For patients who have hanging and loose skin or wrinkles under the buttocks, a butt lift will be necessary. Liposuction is a fat removal procedure. If the skin tone and laxity around the buttocks is healthy, and excess fat is the problem, liposuction may be recommended.

Is there scarring after a butt lift?

It’s important that patients understand scarring is a part of this procedure. It is recommended that patients avoid sun exposure during the first year to protect the incisions from any additional discoloration. Most patients believe the scars are a small trade-off for a new, shapelier arm. We will discuss scar care to help assist in the healing process.

What about butt implants?

Butt augmentation surgery using implants is yet another option to consider. This procedure provides extra height and volume but uses a silicone butt implant to achieve these results. Between butt implants, the Brazilian butt lift using a fat transfer, and a traditional butt lift, patients have many alternatives to choose from in order to meet their aesthetic goals. It is important to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each technique with us so that the desired results can be attained safely.

What happens if I gain weight after a butt lift?

Weight gain could compromise your new, enhanced figure. For the best long-term results, patients should maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine.

Will the scars after a butt lift be visible?

Scarring is a part of this procedure. However, an experienced cosmetic surgeon will work to minimize the scarring as much as possible. During surgery, the incisions are usually placed within the natural folds on the underside of the buttocks, which helps keep them inconspicuous. For the most part, the scars from this procedure will be easily concealed with undergarments or a bathing suit.

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