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Northern Virginia Spider Vein Treatment | Spider Vein Treatment Northern VirginiaWhether the result of trauma or heredity, conditions that impair the movement of the hand can be frustrating, painful, and may detract from a patient’s quality of life. Carpal tunnel syndrome and trigger finger can cause discomfort and inhibit motion, while injuries to the finger, hand or nail bed can affect manual dexterity and reduce nerve sensation if left untreated. By performing hand surgery at his Ashburn, Leesburg, and Reston plastic surgery centers, Dr. Mountcastle restores strength, function and flexibility to the hands, wrists and fingers. Contact us to learn more about how surgery at one of our Virginia offices may help you reclaim the movement of your hands and the quality of your life.

Conditions Treated by Hand Surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

The chronic pain and loss of dexterity associated with carpal tunnel syndrome results from pressure placed on the wrist’s median nerve, which is responsible for supplying feeling and movement to parts of the hand. Hand surgery is performed in order to relieve this pressure, restoring comfort and freedom of movement.

 Several treatment options are available to relieve carpal tunnel syndrome. A steroid injection can be used to temporarily relieve symptoms, although it can sometimes provide longer lasting relief.  A more permanent option is to surgically release the tissue responsible for placing pressure on the median nerve through a small incision at the base of the palm. This minimally invasive surgery offers patients a quick recovery with no downtime.

Hand, Finger and Nail bed Injuries

  • Tendon Repair: Because tendons allow you to bend and flex your fingers, injury results in stiffness and inhibited movement. By repairing and reattaching damaged or torn tendons, Dr. Mountcastle may be able to restore the normal function of the hand. After this type of surgery, it is imperative to complete hand therapy to achieve the best possible result.
  • Fingertip Injuries: When injury to a nerve-packed fingertip occurs, care must be taken to ensure the maintenance of function and sensation. If too much skin has been lost to effectively cover the wound, Dr. Mountcastle may perform skin grafting or reconstructive flap surgery in order to regain range of motion.
  • Fractures: Fractures of finger and hand bones may require surgery to place pins, plates or screws that will stabilize and align the affected bones. Some implanted devices may be permanent, whereas others will be removed after the bone or bones set.
  • Hand Burns: Extensive burns may require damaged skin to be removed and replaced with skin grafts. If the hand burn is circumferential, the burned tissue may constrict, impairing circulation in the affected area. In this case, Dr. Mountcastle may perform an escharotomy, making an incision along the damaged area in order to restore blood flow and relieve pressure.

If you have endured trauma to the hand, it is important to have a knowledgeable hand surgeon evaluate the extent of your injuries. Dr. Mountcastle will be able to determine whether you require hand surgery during a consultation at his Ashburn, Leesburg, or Reston practice.

Trigger Finger

Trigger finger, a type of tendinitis, occurs when tendons responsible for bending the fingers become irritated or swollen, preventing normal movement. As a result, the finger may click or pop when bent, and may lock in position. Trigger finger not only causes pain and stiffness, and clicking in the joints of the fingers, but pain in the palm itself. By performing hand surgery, Dr. Mountcastle is able to relieve the constricted tendon, allowing the hand to move freely.  This is accomplished through a small incision in the palm to release the sheath binding the irritated tendon, thus providing the tendon with the necessary room to move. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis or in Dr. Mountcastle’s office and offers a speedy recovery.  

Mallet Fingers

 The condition known as “mallet finger” occurs when the outermost joint of the finger is injured. When a finger is jammed, crushed or cut, the tendon becomes separated from the muscles it connects, causing the end of the finger to droop. The injury to the tendon may occur alone, or in conjunction with a bone fracture. If the fracture is large, or the end joint is dislocated, hand surgery may be recommended. During surgery, pins, wires or screws will hold the bone in position, and Dr. Mountcastle will graft the tendon back into its proper position, restoring the finger’s function and range of motion.

Soft Tissue Mass Removal

When benign growths occur on the hands, surgical removal may be necessary. The most common hand growths are ganglion cysts, which grow gradually, causing pain and discomfort when they begin to put pressure on surrounding tendons and nerves. Occurring in the wrist, hand, or at the base of the fingers, ganglion cysts are benign masses filled with synovial fluid, which may become gelatinous over time.  Other growths on the hands and wrists may indicate tumors, lipomas, carpal bossing, or infections, and may need to be excised or biopsied.

Learn More about Hand Surgery

If you are experiencing discomfort in your hands, or your fingers have decreased range of motion, it is important to have your symptoms evaluated by a medical professional. Dr. Mountcastle may be able to perform a surgical procedure to restore strength, flexibility and range of motion to your hand, fingers and wrist. Determine your candidacy for hand surgery by scheduling a consultation in Ashburn, Leesburg or Reston today. With three convenient locations, we welcome patients throughout Northern Virginia.

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