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Dr. Timothy Mountcastle is committed to enhancing the beauty and increasing the confidence of his patients through cutting-edge surgical solutions. With any of the cosmetic surgery procedures performed at his Northern Virginia offices in Ashburn, Leesburg, and Reston, Dr. Mountcastle can rejuvenate your body and redefine your contours while working tirelessly to exceed your expectations. If you’ve always dreamed of improving your figure, or if you would simply like to appear as youthful as you feel, contact Dr. Mountcastle today.

Injectable Treatments

Dr. Mountcastle and his Chief Aesthetic nurse, Amy Herrmann, RN, CANS, and Meredith West, PA-C, perform a variety of injectable treatments designed to provide patients with non-surgical methods of achieving their aesthetic goals. Restylane®Juvederm®, Voluma® and Perlane® restore facial volume and fullness by replacing hyaluronic acid, while Radiesse® restores collagen to the skin through calcium-based microspheres. BOTOX®Dysport® and  Xeomin®  relax the muscles responsible for wrinkles, fine lines, and facial folds.

Fraxel and Clear and Brilliant

Turn back the clock with a Facial laser that works. Fraxel, a type of laser skin resurfacing, has been around forever and has the name to back it up. When you want to take the next step to facial rejuvenation and have a little bit more aggressive therapy to rid your face of those fine lines, wrinkles and dark spots.  Brings back a more youthful look in the comforts of our Ashburn office.

Clear and Brilliant is a new mild laser which does exactly what it states in around 2-3 sessions your face feels smoother and pores feel tighter.

Vein Therapy

Mountcastle Plastic Surgery and Vein Institute is one of the busiest vein centers in Northern Virginia, performing more than 500 vein removal procedures each year, including sclerotherapy, VNUS Closure®, VeinWave™ thermo-coagulation, and microphlebectomy.  These minimally invasive treatments can be performed to eliminate veins and return the skin to a smooth, unblemished state, without significant discomfort or downtime.

Hand Surgery

Hand surgery is designed to restore the function of the hand, relieve discomfort, and maintain nerve sensation whenever possible. With hand surgery, Dr. Mountcastle can provide relief for a variety of conditions, including carpal tunnel syndrome; hand, finger, and nail bed injuries; trigger finger; and mallet finger. Dr. Mountcastle also treats benign growths, such as ganglion cysts, that occur on the hands by performing soft tissue mass removals.

Skin Cancer Treatments

When diagnosed early, most forms of skin cancer can be effectively treated. Dr. Mountcastle conducts biopsies to identify and eliminate skin cancer before it spreads, and, when necessary, performs melanoma excision and Mohs skin cancer surgery. In addition, Dr. Mountcastle also treats benign lipomas, cysts, and moles that patients may choose to have removed for cosmetic reasons.

Skin Care Products

A good skin care regimen helps patients maintain an attractive, youthful appearance while protecting their skin from the effects of aging and environmental pollutants. At Mountcastle Plastic Surgery, we are proud to offer prescription-strength skin care products from Obagi®, NIA24, and iSClinical, which consistently deliver incredible results. For post-surgical patients, we also provide products designed to reduce the appearance of scars, such as bioCorneum®, Kelo-Cote, and Scarguard MD. You can also purchase these products through our online skin care store.

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Whatever the scope of your aesthetic goals, Dr. Mountcastle has the expertise and knowledge necessary to turn them into reality. Contact one of our cosmetic surgery facilities, located in Ashburn, Leesburg, or Reston, to schedule a personal consultation today!

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