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"Nose job" or "rhinoplasty" is one of the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery procedures, especially in the younger age group. Nose being the most prominent part of our body cannot go unnoticed. A pleasing nose in harmony with lips and chin is considered hallmark of one"s beauty. "Ideal nose" is that which suits your face the best and is in harmony with other facial features. Nose is divided into upper fixed root, middle dorsum or bridge and the lower moveable lobule or the tip region. All these regions of the nose are amiable to change. Thus a nose that is too big, very broad, with hump or prominent bridge, very long, drooping, broad, rounded or heavy tip, short, depressed or crooked, wide and flaring can be corrected and made more pleasing. Blocked nose with difficulty in breathing responds well to septum correction surgery or septo-rhinoplasty. Dr. Mountcastle performs rhinoplasty in order to reshape the nose. Appearance can be improved for those people who are dissatisfied with the shape and size of their nose. Nasal reconstruction was one of the first cosmetic procedures ever developed and is among those most frequently performed today. Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure in which deformities of the nose are corrected by removing, rearranging or reshaping bone or cartilage.


It is done under local or general anesthesia and takes about 2 to 3 hours. The bony and cartilaginous framework is reshaped; sometimes synthetic implants are used to raise the bridge. Tip reshaping is done. Nostril or the ala is reduced if required. After the surgery there are tapes and light splints over the nose for about 7 days. All stitches, dressings and splints are typically off after 7 days and one can resume normal light activities. There are no visible scars or marks over the nose. Although the postoperative swelling may take several months to subside nose looks good after dressings are out and keeps improving thereafter. Surgery is usually performed under General Anesthesia, but can be performed under IV anesthesia, which is both extremely comfortable and results in less swelling and bruising than general anesthesia. In most cases involving a reduction in shape or size of the nose, angle or removal of a hump, the skin of the nose is separated from the underlying skeleton of bone and cartilage. The bone and cartilage are then reshaped and the skin re-draped over the surface. Patients who have a deviated septum may benefit by correction of this problem. The incisions are placed inside the nose, unless the surgeon uses an open approach, in which case the incisions are made across the tissue between the nostrils. In cases where the nostrils flare, the surgeon may make an incision at the junction between the nose and the skin of the upper lip to narrow the flared appearance. It is not unusual to combine rhinoplasty with chin augmentation to improve the profile.

Recovery and Final Result

Rhinoplasty or nose job is one of the most rewarding surgeries in terms of altering the shape of a body part. However what is desirable may not be attainable at times, especially if a person has unrealistic expectations and the surgeon is not trained enough to proceed. There are no fatal complications and sometimes-small touch up procedures may be required at a later date to improve the results. The recovery takes one to two weeks. Most people resume their normal activities within a week or two. Following surgery, a lightweight splint is applied to maintain the new shape of the nose. The splint is removed within a week. Nasal splints may be inserted at the time of surgery to protect the septum. These are removed within a week. There is always some stuffiness of the nose, especially when work has been done on the nasal septum. Pain is minimal and is controlled with medications. Bruising occurs around the eyes, but begins to fade within a few days. Discoloration usually disappears in two weeks.

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