Feb 25 2013

Is it okay to work out after breast augmentation?



Is it okay to work out after breast augmentation?


The prospect of not exercising for a period of time after breast surgery can be frustrating to the patient who has a regular routine, an active lifestyle, or may even be a competitive athlete, such as a professional golfer, dancer or body builder.


Have this conversation about post-operative activity level BEFORE your surgery.


In your consultation, we will ask you what your current activity level is, and what your expectations are after surgery. Convey any questions you have. You and your surgeon should be on the same page from the start. Understand that if you can’t give your body at least six weeks to recover, then perhaps you should reconsider the surgery at this time.


Common sense says: Listen to your body, not your expectations. You need time to heal, and to protect the best results on your investment for better wellbeing and health.


Here are typical recommendations:


  1. Immediately after surgery: Rest. Know that your metabolic rate will rise after any surgical procedure.  That means that even at resting, you will burn extra calories during the recovery period. To ease pain and discomfort, you may be instructed to do certain movements, like static stretching, but no exercise.


  1. First week after surgery: Walk slowly, outside in the fresh air. If anything hurts, don’t do it.


  1. After one week:  Start with light cardio or low-impact exercise, like leg lifts, that work the lower body. You may try a treadmill or a stationary bicycle as long as it doesn’t impact the upper body. No spin bikes, ellipticals, lifting weights or running. Avoid any upper body routines. Your pectoral muscles and tissue need at least three weeks to recover from the trauma of surgery and to heal before you resume strenuous activity.  During exercise your heart rate and blood pressure increase and this could cause bleeding in the operative area that may require surgical intervention.


  1. After two weeks: Slowly begin reconditioning the affected muscles with any low-impact, low-resistance exercises. Any abrupt movements can still affect the final position of the implants or cause bleeding. Continue to refrain from any strenuous physical activity, such as heavy lifting with your arms or jogging.


  1. After six weeks:  No restrictions, but ramp up gradually to your usual routine. Kneeling pushups, light dumbbell bench presses and isometric exercises are a good start. Work up to any high-impact workouts. Then, run like the wind.


We recognize that exercise is critical for your wellbeing and your recovery, but there will be time enough, after six weeks, to return to your regular routine. The more you listen to your body and give it time to heal, the better your results will be. You are making a substantial investment to get the optimum results – you don’t want to jeopardize that.


Discuss any concerns you might have with Dr. Mountcastle. We invite you to schedule a consultationto learn more about breast augmentation procedures at the Ashburn, Leesburg, or Reston office of Dr. Mountcastle today.


Remember, if you can’t give your body at least six weeks to recover, then perhaps you should not have surgery at this time.

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