Apr 17 2012

Types of Soft Tissue Fillers

Our Northern Virginia plastic surgeon offers soft tissue fillers, Lasers and facelift surgery to patients desiring a rejuvenated and refreshed appearance.

Apr 16 2012

Plastic Surgery and Teens

Though it’s not always advisable, teens are able to undergo certain plastic surgery procedures when needed. Obviously not all surgeries are ideal for teens, but you may be surprised which ones are more common than others. We’d like to look at this issue right now.

Apr 14 2012

Popular Male Plastic Surgery Procedures

While there are many popular plastic surgeries for women, men also undergo plastic surgery quite often. In fact, there are certain surgeries that are designed just for men. Let’s take a look at the various plastic surgery procedures that men undergo.

Apr 05 2012

To Melt or to freeze: Which is the better way to remove fat?

laser liposuction vs liposonix vs coolsculpting.

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