Nov 23 2015

Thinking about Breast Implants?

Breast augmentation is something many of us may have considered at one time or another. For some, the idea occurs when breasts don’t develop as fully as we may like. For other women, breast augmentation becomes a consideration later following pregnancy or in response to the body’s natural aging process. If you’re giving thought to breast augmentation, you’re not alone. The procedure is the top cosmetic surgery performed today, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

Nov 17 2015

Reducing Exercise- and Diet-Resistant Fat with Coolsculpting

Are you someone who has always wanted to explore the option of body contouring through liposuction? Perhaps you’ve put off the idea thinking that another couple of months of strict dieting and muscle sculpting exercise could be an “easier” alternative? Unfortunately, aging, heredity, weight fluctuations, and pregnancy have the ability to create areas of fat that remain resistant to even the most disciplined eating and exercise regimes. In these cases, the best option might be liposuction, which removes excess fat and offers the added bonus of reshaping and slimming the body.

Oct 28 2015

Have you considered a Varicose Vein Screening?

Do you suffer from varicose veins that create an itchy, burning or aching sensation when you sit or stand for too long? If so, you’re not alone. Varicose veins can be both painful and unsightly, and perhaps most frustrating, the reason they occur still remains a mystery. For some, varicose veins are part of the genetic make-up, handed down from one generation to another. Others develop varicose veins as the result of standing for long periods of time. Varicose veins can also form during pregnancy or can result from obesity or the natural aging process.

Oct 14 2015

Reducing Exercise- and Diet-Resistant Fat with Coolsculpting

Are you someone who makes a consistent effort to eat well and exercise? If so, then you know the frustration of fat that remains resistant despite great efforts. Depending on your body make-up, genetics and number of pregnancies, you may have stubborn areas on the body that you’re unable to reduce no matter how many crunches, lunges, squats, weights or Pilates you do. In the midst of these sweat sessions or in making the choice between a salad and the food you really want, you’ve probably wondered to yourself if there’s an easier way. We’re glad that you asked, because there is an easier and more effective solution to getting rid of stubborn fat.

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