Apr 05 2016

The Differences between Cosmetic and Elective Surgery

The main difference between plastic surgery and elective cosmetic procedures is the repair and restoration of a normal function of the body or making an improvement to one’s physical appearance in cases of disfigurement caused by birth disorders, burns, scarring, disease or trauma. Cosmetic surgery is elective (typically not covered by insurance) and a popular choice for restoring and enhancing the appearance of particular areas of the body such as the desire for a flatter stomach, smoother skin and fewer wrinkles.

Mar 18 2016

The Benefits of Looking and Feeling Beautiful

Beauty has the power to demand a premium in terms of increased confidence, heightened positive beliefs and more opportunities in career and life experiences.

Mar 08 2016

Banish Hair Removal Battles with Lasers

Using lasers to remove hair is significantly more effective because of its ability to reduce hair long-term while providing lasting results into the future, unlike more temporary methods like waxing, sugaring and depilatories where hair grows back.

Feb 22 2016

Cosmetic Procedures for a Selfie Culture

In today’s increasingly voyeuristic paparazzi culture, what people in the public eye do or don’t do is open for anyone and everyone to comment on. One’s openness to cosmetic procedures often depends on the age of the individual and the influence of outside societal features. The topic of cosmetic procedures often finds division lines among Baby Boomers (age 51-64), Generation X (age 31-45) and Millennials (age 18-30), with a growing willingness among all groups, particularly Millennials

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