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  • Tracy C.

Manassas, VA

5.0 star rating

Amy is very talented with fillers and Botox.  I've been getting Botox for 13 years and filler for the past 4 and she nailed my request perfectly.  As a master aesthetician and having worked for many physicians, this is just so rare.  You are in good hands with Amy!

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  • J N.

Chantilly, VA

5.0 star rating

After have 4 children and 4 c-sections, I felt unhappy  about how I looked. So more than 20 years after the last one, I got a tummy tuck done by Dr. Mountcastle. The surgery went great, pain was just not a problem, and even 24 hours after the surgery- I knew I had made the right decision to get this done. It's been less than a week since surgery, but I look how i was always meant to look. Thanks dr. Mountcastle!
Thanks also to my husband who always helped me be the best I could be!

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  • Ren H.

McLean, VA

5.0 star rating

This is a very professional office with a top notch doctor and staff. Although there are qualified doctors closer to where I live, I have been going to Mountcastle for years because of the quality service I receive. I initially went for veins and some procedures were covered by insurance and others considered cosmetic. The doctor and staff explain everything well and with patience. Amy the RN did my veins and she was so expert that I consulted her about other procedures. She has injected Botox, and other products. The result is always fabulous - no one has ever asked if I have had anything done - just remark how great my skin looks. Amy is an artist with a needle! She has also advised me on skin care products at my request. People usually guess my age at 10 years younger. My skin looks healthy. Amy never tries to sell products, she just listens and provides options. The entire Mountcastle staff is great
- Christine always makes me smile whether I talk to her on the phone or in person. I trust Mountcastle and staff to always provide the best service and results and at a great value.

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  • Alison M.

Vienna, VA

5.0 star rating

Had to schedule an emergency plastic surgery for a Mohs skin cancer removal that was much larger than anticipated - Dr. Mountcastle got me in immediately and performed a facial flap to my nose - the result was excellent - He and his staff (nurses and office) were professional, caring,  and efficient - I was very pleased with the care I received and would  highly recommend Dr. Mountcastle to anyone.

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  • Gail P.

Clifton, VA

5.0 star rating

I've been here 3 times in the past yr & a half now and I have been extremely pleased w/all aspects. The staff is professional/friendly, appts are on time, service I've rcv'd has been perfect. Amy Hermman has been my specialist who has treated me and she's THE BEST! I plan on staying a client.

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  • Debra L.

Fairfax, VA

5.0 star rating

I have just completed my 3rd procedure (2 vein laser and a skin tag removal) and I have been really pleased with the results.  Ashley, one of the nurses, has been with me through every procedure.  I really appreciated her answering all of my questions and walking me through what is going to happen, what to expect afterwards, etc.  Wishing I could be going to visit Dr. Mountcastle for more exciting plastic surgery procedures, but if you need to get your vericose veins taken care of, you are in good hands at his office in Ashburn.   The front desk also was amazing to get all of these appointments scheduled so that I could be covered by my insurance deductible before the end of the year.

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  • Joyce D.

Silver Spring, MD

3.0 star rating

The staff was pleasent enough, and my wait was not long. 
I used my groupon for botox and for juviderm.  The nurse did encourage me to purchase more of both at the special price. 
I purchased extra botox.  The injections on my forhead definately smoothed the wrinkles above my nose, but I wanted that line between my eyes softened. The nurse told me they couldn't  exactly inject to close to my eyes because of the relaxing muscles. I understand that, but I have twice had that area softened very nicely with botox. Its been less than 2 monthes and the line is coming back sharply. It looks strange with smooth forhead. 
On my chin, I recieved injections of juviderm.  I had 2 bruises there for over 2 weeks. I'm glad I didn't get talked into more of that. 
I wouldn't go back to this clinic, because of these reasons. Despite the price, I have had much better results elsewhere.

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  • Karen P.

Ashburn, VA

5.0 star rating

Over the past few years I have had a hate-hate relationship with my legs.  During this time, I found myself not wearing shorts, dresses, skirts or anything that required spotlighting my legs in public.  I had been noticing that veins on both of my legs were getting worse and my confidence was shrinking.  I always assumed that any vein procedure would be cosmetic and very expensive.  Instead of seeing a plastic surgeon, I just covered up.  It wasn't until I talked to a girlfriend that I found out that some procedures could be considered medical and therefore covered by insurance. Needless to say, I quickly scheduled a consultation with Dr Mountcastle.  To my surprise, some of my issues would be partially covered by insurance and some would be cosmetic.

Once I began treatment, everything was easy and the staff was fantastic and always professional and friendly.  Knowing that I hate needles, they made things as comfortable as possible for me.  I knew in the end that it would all be worth it.  After several procedures, I have learned to wear shorts, skirts and dresses again and couldn't be happier with the results.  Thank you to Dr Mountcastle and his staff for my new found confidence.

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  • S C.

Sterling, VA

5.0 star rating

I had a wonderful experience at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery. The office was lovely and it was a very comforting atmosphere. From the moment I walked in I was greeted with smiles from the ladies at the front desk. 
Dr. Mountcastle and assistant consulted with me to have my not so lovely varicose veins treated. I was then set up to have an ultrasound of my legs to find out exactly where my varicose veins were coming from.
After the ultrasound my results were reviewed by the nurse where a plan was discussed thoroughly and all my questions were addressed.  The nurse was very informative and knowledgeable. It was comforting to me because she took the time to answer all of my questions, and boy did I have a lot. 
I was able to schedule right away to have my veins treated and they were able to work with me to get all my appointments made.
Dr. Mountcastle was very pleasant and confident which was reassuring. The same nurse that went over the ultrasound results was with me and talked to me during my procedure which was also very comforting.
The staff worked really well together with there communication and they seemed to be on there game! I would definitely recommend my friends and family to them and am grateful for the wonderful experience. Thank you all!

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  • S From Maryland D.

Laurel, MD

5.0 star rating

My first visit to Dr. Mountcastle's office was for nasolabial folds and I went on a groupon special.  I spent most of my time with Amy, very knowledgeable I learned so much from her.  My next step is to do Clear and Brilliant.  The results for my nasolabial folds were fabulous, I couldn't believe how much of a difference it made, she used 2 syringes (1 for each side).  I left the office so happy and confident.  I want that to be the place I go for all my procedures....I was really impressed.  They were kind, curteous and everyone was so friendly.  I can't wait to schedule my next procedure.  I definitely recommend Mountcastle Plastic Surgery.


Breast Reduction: 18 Years Old - Virginia, VA



Hi! I just turned 18 this past November and that...

  • Before - 36 GG
  • Before - 36 GG

Hi! I just turned 18 this past November and that may seem very early for a Breast reduction but truthfully I can't imagine having these boobs for the rest of my life. 

Right now, I'm 6 feet tall and weigh about 190. I have a size 36 GG boob and its stops me from doing so much. Im hoping after surgery they will be around a D to a DD. They started growing in about 7th grade where I went from a



" Thank You Dr Mountcastle,  I had Lipo in October and I couldnt be happier. It was the best thing i ever did. my abdomen is very flat and i had almost no downtime."

RK - Middleburg,VA




“Thank you, Amy, Dr. Mountcastle,  and the entire staff at Mountcastle Plastic Surgery for the excellent service and vein treatments I’ve received over the last several months.  I’m just thrilled with the results—my legs haven’t looked this good in years--I was even able to walk the beach at Waikiki last week, with my head held high!  I appreciate the friendly and professional atmosphere at your clinic and have referred several friends for consultation.”


Thank you,  Vicki M.

"I was very happy with the ease of the procedure, the wonderful results, and the sensitive and pleasant attitude of the entire staff, and Dr. Mountcastle.  A very rewarding experience!"

CD - Ashburn, VA



"Dr. Mountcastle owes me nothing but yet gave me so much. I was homeless and jobless with a 2-year old son that I could not support because of the defect in both of my hands. Dr. Mountcastle donated his time and services to give me and my son a new start in life. Only a truly unselfish person can see beyond their finances to give so much to someone they have never met. Both of my hands were scared and bent backwards which required extensive surgery. He did my surgery and I now have a job, I am able to actually hold my son, I can button things again, I can write much easier; the list of ways this has changed my life goes on and on. I don't even think he realizes the difference this is not so much going to make for my future but for my young child. He may actually has a future now.

It is no surprise to me that he was chosen as the top plastic surgeon in Loudoun County last year. He offers you professionalism, generosity, genuine care and concern. I am so blessed that he chose me." - Loudoun County

"Meredith did a fantastic job...please know that I am very pleased with the results of my visit." -BS

"What a wonderful suprise and delight I felt on a morning a few days after you had worked on my left leg. On getting out of bed, I looked down at my lower leg and saw an "old friend" I hadnt seen in years... my ankle! Until I was told about the procedure you use, I thought I just had to live with swollen and sometimes painful legs. The improvement in my life is amazing. Thank you so much and all the best to you and your staff." - RT

"In the fall of this year I found out that the problem I have been having for the past 3 years was an umbilical hernia. I was referred to Dr. Mountcastle by a friend who had the same problem. When I first consulted Dr. Mountcastle and Dr. Lesniewski they were very positive and said that not only could they fix the hernia but that Dr. Mountcastle could, at the same time, repair some of the cosmetic problems from having 3 children. He listened to my concerns and patiently answered my questions and said he could do exactly what I was asking him to. I had the surgery and although the recovery was painful I am glad I did it. The best way I can describe it is I feel 'put back together again' and the liposuction and removal of excess skin that Dr. Mountcastle did has put my body back into proportion and repaired a lot of damage from 3 pregnancies. I always felt I was listened to, not pressured, and was in caring hands. I am thankful for the careful work of these good Doctors." - HM

"I can't say enough about Dr. Mountcastle and his staff. I was made to feel comfortable every step of the way. He explained everything to me not matter how many times I made him repeat his answers! He also took the time to explain everything and reassure my parents that had flown in from Lebanon and kept them informed and comfortable during surgery. Any future surgeries that I have will be done by Dr. Mountcastle. I am extremely pleased with my results and every bit of my experience. It has been a pleasure being cared for by such great people!" - MR

"After having lost 130 pounds, I began the search for a Plastic Surgeon to remove excess skin from my arms & legs. The initial search was overwhelming. Luckily I found Dr. Mountcastle, I knew as soon as I met him that he was the surgeon I would choose. The most important thing to me was that Dr. Mountcastle took the time to listen to what I was looking for, and the results I expected to get. He explained the procedure options and went into detail as to the benefits and risks of each procedure. I felt very comfortable and at ease with his knowledge, skill, and recommendations. " - CS

"No words can express our gratitude. We did not know that you were a star, we saw you on 'Code Blue' on the Discovery Channel. Thank You!" - R and Z

"I can't tell you what a dream come true it was to have our consultation together and I felt completely comfortable and confident in you and your talents as a surgeon and an artist." - BS

"GREAT, GREAT, GREAT! I consulted with 3 surgeons prior to booking with Dr. Mountcastle. I read his experience and accolades and after meeting with him, I knew I preferred him to the others. Dr Mountcastle really spent the time to understand what I wanted. The results of my breast reduction is what I have dreamed of all my adult life! Another highly rated surgeon told me that the look I have would absolutely not be possible. But let me tell you -even my husband is delighted! The tummy tuck gave me the tummy of a teenager-need I say more? Well to top it off-after other doctor appts with female doctors and nurses and aestheticians within weeks of my surgery- all said it was some of the best work they had dver seen and almost all of them said they wanted go book an appt with Dr Mountcastle! To top it all off - Dr Mountcastle and his staff have been just awesome! And Dr Mountcastle has been completely available at all hours by email or phone for all my husbands questions or concerns.I just couldn't ask for more!!" - DC, Ashburn, VA

"Wonderful and very caring Dr. He takes the time to answer all your questions and spends quality time with you. My surgeries have gone well and he has done a excellent job." - Purcellville

"Thanks to Dr Mountcastle I had wonderful results!! I was very pleased with his bed side manner and his professionalism. I would highly recommend Dr Mountcastle. " - Sterling, VA

" Just a note to say thank you to the wonderful Dr. Mountcastle ...3 years ago you reconstructed my left breast after many attempts from a mastectomy...I look and feel super good today!! Much love to you and your staff! " - EC Ashburn, VA


Thank you for doing such a nice job on my neck. You are a great Doctor!" - DS





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